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Many Ask, What’s Up With Francisco Lindor?

Francisco Lindor is batting a paltry .056 with men in scoring positions so far this season. (Courtesy of Photo by David Zalubowski)

Francisco Lindor continues to be mired in an offensive pothole by going blank in the last 21 at-bats.  The Puerto Rican shortstop, who was booed by Mets fans (something that never happened to him before in his young career), is hitting just .163 in his first season with the Mets.

Much to the misery and concern of the New York Mets and his demanding fans, Puerto Rican from Caguas, shortstop Francisco Lindor has picked up where he left off in April, in a May slump that is beginning to concern even some of his loyal fans.

Many questions have arisen regarding Lindor’s unusual offensive abilities in a new Mets uniform. To his credit, his defense continues to be stellar. However, many questions are beginning to circulate.

Some ask is the change from a smaller market Cleveland team to a more larger New York environment too much for the smiling twenty-seven-year-old?

Others are wondering if the long term multi-million-dollar contract has made him lose the “fire in his belly?

Some wondered If there is a curse for Puerto Rican players coming to New York? Carlos Beltran, Carlos Delgado, Roberto Alomar also had their slumping years when they too came to play for the Mets?

What’s your opinion?

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