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Closer to the return of the Santurce Cangrejeros to the BSN

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If the manager of the Bad Bunny, Noah Assad, is released from his involvement in the San Germán administration, then he would petition for an expansion franchise in the capital city.

The return of the Cangrejeros de Santurce to the National Superior Basketball (BSN) as an expansion franchise for the 2021 tournament could be discussed today, Thursday, at the meeting of the board of directors, as long as the sale of the Atléticos de San Geman.

A group that includes the manager of the Bad Bunny, Noah Assad, intends to revive the Cangrejeros franchise in the capital city, several sources confirmed. Santurce last had a team in the 2016 season, and then the franchise disappeared.

But first Assad must finalize his departure from the Atléticos administration by selling his shares to a group led by Lumen Vera, William Colón and Luis Quiñones. The current attorney for San Germán, Pedro Ortiz, told this media that he expected to finalize the sale before the meeting.

If the board of directors approves the A’s transaction, then Assad could be filing a petition for an expansion franchise in San Juan.

“At the meeting, there is an atmosphere to approve a franchise in Santurce; it is about the capital city, ”said a source.

Noah Assad, CEO of Rimas Music Entertainment, the company that produces Bad Bunny’s albums. (Juan Luis Martínez Pérez)

Meanwhile, the director of the Sports and Recreation Department (DRD) of San Juan, José Mateo, declined to confirm whether Assad’s group made an approach to establish a BSN franchise at the Roberto Clemente Coliseum. “What I can say is that I don’t have a formal proposal. Yes, there are several interested groups, ”said Mateo.

Should the return of the Cangrejeros take place, former player Larry Ayuso could be assuming the coaching job of the team, after his debut as a coach last season with San Germán.

Tomorrow’s meeting could also discuss the request of a Cuban businessman to operate an expansion franchise in Manatí. It transpired that these days there was a meeting in that municipality.

Manatí also housed a BSN franchise for two seasons before attorney-in-fact Félix “Felo” Rivera transferred it to Fajardo for the 2017 campaign.

If both expansion franchises are approved, BSN would play its 2021 season with 12 teams, creating two divisions of six each.

The basketball season is scheduled to start on July 8.

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