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Francisco Lindor Making Exciting Moves in Baseball

I know that many New York Yankee and Mets fans might not know too much about Francisco Lindor, the new shortstop for the Amazing’s.  Having played for the Cleveland Indians his image and personality were not too frequently shared in the New York media. But now Lindor is a Met, he has the potential to become the face of the new, NY Mets if the Mets get to sign him to a multi-year agreement. Right now we can say that he is on “loan”, he is signed for a 1 year / $22,300,000.

Many of us who have been following Lindor and know his value would love to see him become a permanent fixture to the New York baseball and Mets franchise, but we all know that baseball is a business and in business anything is possible.

Below is a Sports Illustrated article on Lindor that we believe you will all enjoy reading.

Lindor SI Interview

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