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Boxing Does Not Need Pacquiao Vs. Garcia


New York- Consider that boxing is at a turning point with young and rising stars in the major weight divisions. Consider that Ryan Garcia, the undefeated 22-year old lightweight is in discussion to fight 43-year old Manny Pacquiao the future Hall of Famer and eight-division champion.

You read my accounts about boxing and those who know me listen in regards to how this great sport continues to decline because of any number of situations. Boxing is a great sport and always will be.

But Manny Pacquiao and Ryan Garcia talk is one of those examples of how the sport will never get respect and that’s a major flaw with boxing.

Garcia is the rising star and in the lightweight title mix with any number of a division that is the talk of boxing with the talented champion Teofimo Lopez and Gervonta Davis. Pacquiao, also has options as one of the 147-pound title holders and in a division that also carries some weight.

So with all the titles in boxing, and with a sport showing a decline with viewers, Pacquiao and Garcia are in the discussion about a fight that could be contested at welterweight or as an exhibition.

Now, why do you ask? Well, to begin this is a joke to even contemplate Ryan Garcia making that quick jump in weight from 135-to 147, not that he can’t do it. It’s called insanity.when you consider that Pacquiao, and nearing the end of a Hall of Fame career, is contemplating a few more fights to secure a legacy.

A fight with Garcia is also insane. Pacquiao is in a division that is marketable with Terence Crawford, Errol Spence Jr., Shawn Porter, Keith Thurman, others, and another rising star in Vergil Ortiz Jr.

But boxing thrives in this talk. Let’s face it, Pacquiao has been the name over the past decade. Garcia, on the other hand, and a fighter with a record number of Instagram followers, knows how to talk it up.

Sources inform me, the talk is real. Pacquiao has not closed the door and Garcia is making the push, and when that happens there is that inevitable announcement that will come about a date and venue.

Of course the fight will happen.

And it will happen, despite my objection. Because boxing is now a sport that thrives on the surroundings of that circus atmosphere, and there is no secret that the popularity of Pacquio and the followers of Garcia are all in on this.

Exhibition or one for the record, fans will buy into a fight that would be planned as that pay-per-view event, and a time when boxing PPV is on a downslide. Fans buy into flights like this because Pacquio is the icon and Garcia is the future of a sport that has rising superstars.

Promoters at Golden Boy and the PBC would be doing us all a favor if they moved on and provide fans with fights that need to be made. Pacquiao and Garcia is a fight that should not be and is in a category of discussion as another circus.

But if Manny Pacquiao and Ryan Garcia want to move forward with this joke, and pardon my sarcasm, then do fans a favor and put this fight on FOX Sports(PBC) or DAZN affiliated with Golden Boy and Oscar de La Hoya.

Of course that would not account for PPV revenue that could draw some numbers because of the suspense of fighters from two generations. The logistics are not complicated to understand as to why Ryan Garcia wants this fight.

The logistics of Manny Pacquiao is another story. Pacquiao, unless he needs a huge payday, is better suited to have a welterweight title fight with Spence or Crawford. For that matter, he could be a good opponent and comeback fight for Keith Thurman,

But in boxing it does not work out this way. Promoters, networks, and the fighters that can do it, well they want to be a part of a circus and ridiculous atmosphere that will create a buzz and of course has the potential to draw revenue.

So listen to Ryan Garcia. He is serious about this. Friday, he continued to talk it up and that can only mean that Pacquiao is all in on this.

Just look into the latest from Ryan Garcia:

“The fight is going to be a fight. Whether they named it an exhibition or a real certified match, I’m throwing punches like I’m trying to knock Manny Pacquiao out,” Garcia said. “If you get two people in the ring with 8- or 10-ounce gloves with no headgear, you tell me if that would be an exhibition or a real fight, knowing that we’re both real fighters.”

He knows how to generate a buzz and the interest. Then again, Garcia is a social media wiz and Manny Pacquiao was his hero.

“Whatever Manny wants for the weight to be at, I can do it. I’m a big boy. I’m not a small 135; I’m a pretty big 135. If I have to gain weight, I will.”

This will happen. But, as I said, boxing does not need another circus when better fights need to be made.

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