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Rendón & Chapman Awards Went Out Last Week.

Rendón water color painting done by James Fiorentino

Water color painting award to Rendón by James Fiorentino. (Photo James Fiorentino)

Bronx, NY: Two additional awards have been sent out to the 2019 LatinoMVP recipients, Anthony Rendón, the National League LatinoMVP and to Aroldis Chapman the American League Closer of the year. Rendón won the award with the Washington Nationals, but his award was sent out to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim as he was traded to the Angels during the off-season. Chapman’s award was walked over to Yankee stadium as the Yankees are walking distance from our office.

Rendón was sent a beautiful and colorful watercolor painting done by renowned artist, James Fiorentino and a caricature piece by well-known and respected illustrator, John Pennisi. Both also received an lustration of each caricature of all eight LatinoMVP winners done by Pennisi.

Ilustration by John Pennisi. (Photo John Pennisi)

As we have reported in previous articles, this years 30th annual LatinoMVP awards, the most prestigious and oldest awards given to Latino baseball players has not been an easy task. We in Latino Sports were looking forward to making these 30th annual awards a major event. We are proud to celebrate thirty years of painstaking and many times uphill work making these awards possible to Latino players. Players who many times were not recognized falling a bit short on statistics in order to qualify in receiving some of the more popular and standard awards given to MLB players.

Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic crushed many of our plans to make these 30th annual awards special for each of the winners. However, we were proud to work with MLB (special thanks to Pat Courtney and John Blundell) and all the Media Directors of the winning players teams to get the awards delivered to the players in this shortened and very difficult season.

Chapman illustration by John Pennisi. Photo John Pennisi)

We look forward to receiving feedback from the teams and the winners. As soon as we do we will post for our readers.

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