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Coppola: Better Than Nothing?

Latino Sports

Written by William Coppola: Special to Latino Sports.
The writer is a former advanced scout with the Atlanta Braves and worked under the late and longtime MLB scout Tom Giordano better known to all as T-Bone.

Welcome to the Latino Sporta familia, William!

New York: Ok, that’s it. I’ve had enough of this failed and flawed attempt at this professional baseball season. MLB and the players union, have now agreed to play seven inning doubleheaders to get in games that were and will be cancelled due to rain outs and infected teams, including the time it takes to disinfect the ballparks where they play.

Baseball more than any other sport, is stat driven. We can compare Bob Gibson to Gerrit Cole because the game has basic stats that have never changed. Playing seven- inning games will create a list of statistics with asterisks on steroids. Starters will now be able to have complete game, seven-inning shutouts. Quality starts will now be a tuff 4 2/3 innings with a pitch count of 55.

How about an amazing seven- inning perfect game? Ok, you get the picture.

I understand that it must be done in order to get a 60 -game schedule completed. I understand that baseball is trying their best to give us something to watch. Even if we have to make our own popcorn and hot dogs in the kitchen. There are some things that make me laugh. I have seen a lot of games at Tropicana Field in Tampa / St. Pete over the years where the average attendance is anywhere from 7,002 to 11,023.

Now that they are pumping in crowd noise, it sounds like 50,000 people are in the old dome. Now to me, that’s funny. But is all of this “Better than nothing?”

I’m sorry, I would have been less disappointed in losing a season for a year. The novelty of a hodgepodge of different ways to do baseball have worn off after only a few games for me. The game has already become a yawn as we watch three hours of home runs and strikeouts. Maybe a two hour home run derby every other day would work better, seeing that the MLB network thinks we all love that so much.

Baseball to me needs to be that stable game between the lines that makes me feel “safe at home.” Being in a Stadium watching baseball has always been my safety zone in life. A place where I felt comfort and security, a place where I knew I belonged. The creative ideas by the amazing people who bring us professional baseball during these dark days, is nothing short of brilliant.

I applaud them. They have really been trying to give us a worthwhile product. But is it “Better than nothing?”

Unfortunately for me, I’m not enjoying it. I am having more fun watching games on TV from the past. Especially the ones in black and white with only two or three cameras. No replays and no helmets. Pitchers who throw nine innings and players doing this weird thing they call bunting.

You really want to see a seven inning game of baseball this year? Go find a youth baseball game. Kids are playing out there. The amateur baseball leagues are playing baseball locally as we speak. Give the money you spend at Yankee Stadium and Citi Field this year to youth baseball programs. The bases are the same as any major league ballpark, 90 feet apart on a diamond shaped field.

The pitchers mound is 60 feet 6 inches from home plate just like at Yankee Stadium. Bring your beach chair, cooler and umbrella. Socially distance yourself from some crazy parent watching their kid play, wear a mask and enjoy the game. The runners will be out at first by the same margin as in the pros. It’s baseball.

Better Than Nothing!

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Julio Pabón

    August 2, 2020 at 12:25 pm

    Welcome William to the team of contributors. I really enjoyed your article and brought the question that I and other have pondered, would it have been better to cancel the season? Thanks for your insights.

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