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Baseball & COVID-19

San Juan, PR: By now many baseball fans, especially Phillies, Marlins, Orioles and Yankee fans learned yesterday that two home openers were cancelled. Besides the players, I’m sure that there are way more folks beyond fans that are also being impacted. Thus, it takes us directly to the heart of a major defining moment in our country, people, or profit?

As some of us fans know, baseball is much more than being a sport. It is a huge billion-dollar industry on many fronts. From players, to executives, to investors, from fans to the maintenance, kitchen, vendors and all part time workers in any of those businesses that generate an income from baseball.

So the big question facing the country is not just the outright racism that we have experienced and that people are revolting against throughout the country, but the outright greed over people’s health that is silently destroying our democracy. The key defining issue is the health of The people VS. The health of the economy. The countries that have put their attention on the health of the people over the economy have been able to control and almost eliminate the spread of the disease.

Countries like South Korea, Finland and even poor countries close to us like Cuba have impressive records on low number of infected and the low number of deaths to almost none. Yet the richest and most powerful country on earth has demonstrated that it is also the weakest in handling this pandemic. The rush to open the economy has pushed many states to ignore the protocols to address the spread of the disease and as a result we continue to have an ever-increasing number of people testing positive and number of people dying.

Thus baseball will lose billions if they would have closed out the season, so “Play Ball” is a must. However, this pandemic is not a game, it is real, it is dangerous and will continue to spread. Also, since this pandemic is still not totally understood and constantly mutating we will see more and more players, staff and other workers testing positive. Unfortunately, baseball fans will have to get use to additional future games cancelled and possible players scratched off the lineup due to the virus. Baseball like everything else in our new pandemic lives will not be the same for a long while.

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