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Atmosphere Against Designated Hitter/

“Everyone has something for which they should feel modest (not annoying)” … Irish proverb.-

If the coronavirus and culopicosos allow it, this column will celebrate, in October, 60 years serving daily, from Monday to Sunday.

Coral Gables, Florida (VIP WIRE) – Thousands of minor players, of 11 nationalities, who did not play this summer, nor will they be able to play in the winter, are looking for work. Several have told me that they are already “charging something” like waiters, gasoline sellers and sweeping the streets. The need is an excellent teacher… ** When the designated hitter is imposed in both major leagues, the Japanese Shohei Ohtani (Angels) insists every day before his manager, Joe Maddon, that he wants to hit when he pitches and to be designated when not throw. Shohei has recovered very well from the Tommy John that was practiced a year ago … ** CC Sabathia, now a Yankees adviser, at 39, came to training with less weight than ever before, as if he wanted to reappear … * * Had there been a designated hitter, Wes Ferrell, Earl Wilson, Jim Tobin and Rick Wise would not have been the only pitchers in history, with home runs connected in games they hitless. Even, Wise (Phillies) went twice para-la-calle, when on Wednesday June 23, 1971, at Riverfrot Stadium, in Cincinnati, before 13,329 spectators, he left the Reds without hits, 4-0. One was on base, and it was David Concepción, after one out, in the sixth inning, via 3-1. Wise, 25, dominated that lineup that included, in addition to David, Pete Rose, George Foster, Johnny Bench and Tany Pérez. The defeated pitcher was Ross Grimsley …


“When I was young I avoided many divine activities, to be able to grow old. Now, already in my 91, I have to keep avoiding them, but because they hurt me ”… J.V.-


** Most pitchers prefer to hit, and generally think that’s the funnest part of the game. Mádison Bumgarner (Diamondbacks), considered the best hitter among pitchers in recent years, is very angry about the arrival of the designated in the National League. “But what I think does not count in this case. So I will launch when they order me to, ”he added… ** They have not yet reported whether or not the National will continue to use the designated one in 2021. But numerous launchers have announced that they will oppose… And how?


“My wife and I were going to divorce, but knowing how long the lawyers were taking, we decided to buy an apartment” … Pantaleón Richardson.-

ATTENTION.- You can read the “Juan Vené en la Pelota” file on the internet, entering “sport unites us again”.

Thanks to the life that has given me so much, even a reader like you.

@ juanvene5

Thanks to the life that has given me so much, even a reader like you.

@ juanvene5


                                                             Ambiente contra el bateador designado

“Todo el mundo tiene algo por lo cual debe sentirse modesto (no moLesto)”… Proverbio Irlandés.-

Si el coronavirus y los culopicosos lo permiten, esta columna cumplirá, en octubre, 60 años prestando servicio diario, de lunes a domingo.-

Coral Gables, Florida (VIP WIRE) – Miles de peloteros de las menores, de 11 nacionalidades, que no jugaron en este verano, ni podrán en el invierno, buscan trabajo. Varios me ha dicho que ya están “cobrando algo” como mesoneros, vendedores de gasolina y barriendo las calles. La necesidad es excelente profesora… ** Cuando el bateador designado es impuesto en las dos Ligas Grandes, el japonés Shohei Ohtani (Angelinos) insiste todos los días ante su mánager, Joe Maddon, en que él quiere batear cuando lance y ser designado cuando no lance. Shohei se ha recuperado muy bien de la Tommy John que le practicaron hace un año… ** CC Sabathia, ahora consejero de los Yankees, a los 39 años, llegó a los entrenamientos con menos peso que nunca antes, como si quisiera reaparecer… ** De haber existido el bateador designado, Wes Ferrell, Earl Wilson, Jim Tobin y Rick Wise no hubieran sido los únicos lanzadores en la historia, con cuadrangulares conectados en juegos que ellos tiraron sin hits. Incluso, Wise (Phillies) se fue dos veces para-la-calle, cuando el miércoles 23 de junio de 1971, en Riverfrot Stadium, de Cincinnati, ante 13 mil 329 espectadores, dejó sin hits a los Rojos, 4-0. Uno solo se le embasó, y fue David Concepción, después de un out, en el sexto inning, vía base por bolas en 3-1. Wise, de 25 años, dominó toda la tarde a aquella alineación que incluía, además de David, a Pete Rose, George Foster, Johnny Bench y Tany Pérez. El pitcher derrotado fue Ross Grimsley…

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