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Baseball Will Try Under The Circumstances

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New York: So baseball is back and that’s what you want to hear. The owners put the players in a position to play 60-games after months of back-and-forth proposals. The medical protocols are in place to prevent a spread of COVID-19.

Face the facts. The owners and commissioner got their deal. The players and union get their grievance, so baseball will be headed for more disruption after the 2021 season. Honestly, though, this is a matter of dollars and cents.

The battle between millionaires and billionaires and why we have no baseball until July 23rd when the Yankees and Nationals are scheduled to begin the truncated 2020 season.

That is, if we get to see the first pitch thrown as COVID-19 is getting worse than better during a week when spring training 2 has commenced for 30 teams at their home ballparks that are permitted to be there.

There are safety issues and concerns as MLB and the players have an agreement under the medical protocols to conduct twice a day coronavirus testing. And as some players have opted out due to concerns, there are questions as we go day-by-day.

A potential Opening Day is in the plan. The possibilities are that baseball could be dealt a final punch and pull the plug on 2020 if health and safety concerns do become an issue for players, coaches, and personnel.

This deal could have been done weeks ago and it is difficult to understand why we waited so long.

Regardless, both parties are wrong when it comes to the specifics of dollars and cents in the billionaire industry of MLB. Fans are the losers. Stadiums will remain empty and that means more revenue lost for the owners and the players.

No All-Star game or home run derby which generates revenue. Universal designated hitter for both leagues, and three divisions by region. Runner at second base in the event a game goes to extra innings that is more suited for the sandlots.

So for now the game will be different. No fans is one thing that creates the revenue stream. There is concern about six teams on the west coast, two in Texas with the Rangers and Astros. Arizona with the Diamondbacks, Florida with the Marlins and Rays, Georgia and the Braves, and Ohio with the Indians and Reds.

This poses a concern as Coronavirus cases are increasing. These states are the hotspots and coming in quick are others as quick as a 100-mile fastball thrown by the Yankees’ Aroldis Chapman.

However, as much as this is a concern for local officials, baseball is planning towards getting to some normalcy in three weeks.

Can this happen? Yes, assuming the increasing number of coronavirus cases allows baseball to proceed . The other scenario, MLB will move along and play ball until medical authorities make the determination that the safety and concern for players and personnel is at risk.

Those medical protocols? Players are concerned, expecting numerous positive results of COVID-19 as many travel to their destinations from Latin America and cities that are seeing a rise in cases of the Coronavirus.

Temperature checks, distancing, and constant testing will be the norm. Separation and different routines are not the norm for players that are creatures of habit. The baseball played won’t be normal. There is no answer as to how MLB will deal with an increase in positive COVID tests.

Gio Gonzalez recipient of the 2017 Latino Sports NL MVP pitcher, has concerns. He arrived in Chicago Monday to start his new journey with the White Sox.

“It is definitely going to be different and we will do what we have to,” he said.

Gonzalez, like many veterans, is hoping to get the season in. He was signed to a one -year deal with an option for a next. There were hesitations about opting out and the predicament of leaving his wife and two young children in the Miami area.

And as the days progress, MLB will be looking at the possibilities of some major faces of the game who could opt to not play. Those who stay home, unless they are under a medical stay, will get service time and pay.

Regardless, the game will be different for you and me. As a baseball purist, the format and different rules don’t go over well. But this will be the only game in town if and when the NFL schedule goes off as planned .

And fans will tune in because baseball was meant to be played this time of year but under many difficult and different circumstances.

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