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When Will We Hear: PLAY BALL!

Bronx, NY: Our closest professional baseball parks, Yankee and Mets stadiums might be closed, but there is a lot of talk about the possibility of having some baseball in them by July. This will happen only if the Players, through their union, the Players Association and the owners through Mayor League Baseball come to an agreement. Aside from the safety concerns the more delicate issue that seems to be preventing an agreement is, you guessed it, $$$. What profit will the owners expect to get from a shortened season without fans in the stadium to spend money and how much would they have to pay the players? In other words, who’s getting paid and how much for a shortened season?

We at Latino Sports are doing what we can to keep baseball in the minds of our followers and that is why we are continuing with our annual LatinoMVP awards. This year we are proudly presenting our 30th annual awards. This pandemic has created a challenge on presenting the awards to our 2019 winners, but adversity also can develop creativity. Thanks to the support of MLB we are communicating with all the winning players teams and working out the details of presenting the awards. We will keep you informed. In the meantime please continue to visit us and read the articles that we have been posting on past winners and their response to winning the most prestigious award given to Latino baseball players.

2019 Latino MVP Award winners:

Latino American League MVP: Gleyber Torres, NY Yankees

Latino National League MVP: Anthony Rendón, Wash. Nationals

Latino MVP American League Pitcher: José Berríos, Minn. Twins

Latino MVP National League Pitcher: Aníbal Sánchez, Wash. Nationals

Latino MVP American League Relief/Closer: Aroldis Chapman, NY Yankees

Latino MVP National League Relief/Closer: Seth Lugo, NY Mets

Latino MVP American League Rookie: Yordan Álvarez, Hou. Astros

Latino MVP National League Rookie: Pete Alonzo, NY Mets

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