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Albert Pujols: “Emotion of Latino MVP Award Never Goes Away”

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New York: We all hope for the start of a 2020 baseball season. Owners presented their plan and players were reviewing the options as of Tuesday for a potential start as we are under a reality that safety comes first to all as this Coronavirus pandemic continues.

Regardless of different opinions with the proposals to resume, and the issues of safety and finances are significant, Latino Sports is committed to honoring those who are recipients of their 2019 MVP awards as voted by members of the media who are involved in this process.

Previously mentioned last week this is an award of significance.  Major League Baseball has also been very supportive and also recognizes the value of these honors.

Gio Gonzalez, recipient of the 2017 MVP for NL Pitcher, said here last week his honor was a display of confidence, love, and respect from the Latino community. It was his bounce back from a prior year of disappointment.

Reflect a moment here. Albert Pujols, a record nine-time recipient of the award always said, “The emotion of this award never goes away”

Yes, Pujols never got annoyed. He was honored to be a proud recipient and has proudly passed the torch as the final years of an eventual Hall of Fame career are inevitable.

And his comments over the years in the clubhouse or on the field were similar to what Gio Gonzalez said. 

“I am proud to be a Latino playing the game I love,” he said. 

He also said at one of the presentations that being a three-time NL MVP and nine-time All-Star was an honor and achievement. Though, as seen more than once, holding the prestigious Latino MVP honor was his commitment to the Latino community.

This writer recalled Pujols and his emotions.  He is a proud member of the Domincan community and learned English as he continued to progress during a Hall of Fame Major League career. 

“I go home and they say to me, “You forgot how to speak Spanish,’” Pujlos once said as we all got a laugh.

But that desire to continue and excel has been his attribute. Representing the Latino community has more meaning with his array of awards over the years. 

In the weeks to come  we will keep you updated about the status of honoring the 2019 recipients and of course any hope for a start of the 2020 baseball season.


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