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A True Yankee Fan Returns As The New Pitching Ace

Bronx, NY: The Yankees top brass were all present to announced today the signing of Gerrit Cole to a nine year contract that will keep the best starter in the American league in the Bronx at least until 2028 unless he ops out in 2024.

The entire Yankee Brass came out for this signing (Photo Latino Sports

His wife, Amy and his super agent, Scott Boras, accompanied Gerrit. The Yankees GM, Brian Cashman explained the Yankees interest in Gerrit since his college days. He explained how he and the Yankees have had a lot of respect and admiration for Gerrit who has always identified himself as a Yankee fan. He explained how he was their number one draft pick, but that in what must have been a difficult decision for him not to sign to a professional contract with his favorite team and make a lot of money he choose to forego the lights and return to continue his schooling at, UCLA. Cashman continued to explain how the Yankees followed him through Pittsburg, where then again went after him, but he wound up in Houston. He praised Gerrit for his discipline in following his dream at his pace at the right place and right time. He concluded by saying “this is a very historic signing.”

Yankee manager, Aaron Boone congratulated Gerrit and explained how the weeks leading up to the signing was exciting and that after meeting Cole he felt privileged to experience a day with him and his family that equally exciting knowing not just the pitcher, but also learning the person. He explained that Cole’s passion would make him a great pitcher for the culture of the team, but also a great addition to the Yankee clubhouse. He stated how excited he and many Yankee fans would be when Cole get’s handed the ball every fifth day to pitch.

Cole showed sign he made and had taken to a game in his youth. (Photo Latino SPorts)

Cole was very excited to put on the Yankee Jersey, which he will wear with the number 45. The first thing Cole did was to ask his agent and his wife to step up next to him and he held up a poster he had made for a Yankee game he attended many years ago as a youth. He proved he was indeed a Yankee fan with the sign he held which read “Yankee Fan Today Tomorrow For Ever.” He said it all with that gesture.

I asked him a question as to when and why he became a Yankee fan? He answered in a way that many fathers and sons throughout our baseball generation can relate to. He stated that his father was a Yankee fan and that’s what he knew. He was so real and on target, as that’s exactly what had occurred with my son and my son with my 4 year old grandson who is already a loyal Yankee fan though he was born and lives in Los Angeles. it’s a father to son thing.

Like I started my question, Bienvenido Gerrit Cole.

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