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Why There Are No Academies in Mexico

“Friendship is like breasts, some big, some small and a few fake” … Ron Jairo.-

Merry Christmas! … I say, right ?.


Coral Gables, Florida (VIP WIRE): Francisco Chang, from Mexicali, asks …: “Why, if in Mexico there are so many young people with the power to be professional baseball players, they have not installed academies of major league organizations here, as there were in Venezuela and there are in the Dominican?

Amigo Pancho…: The management of the baseball business is different in Mexico, starting because they have their Academy, that of Carmen, of the team owners, apart from clubs like the Toros (Bulls) that have theirs. In addition, there are 15 leagues, including the National Prospects League, which keep the professional baseball game all year round. On the other hand, every Mexican player has to sign with a team from Mexico, which is the only way to negotiate with organizations in the United States. In other words, the Academies do not need young applicants to be professional baseball players.

Jesús Guerra F. from Caracas, asks …: “A batter gets a hit, but before stepping on the second base, he bumps with the second baseman and is thrown out. How do you write this down?

Amigo Chucho …: A single to the batter and RBI if a run scores, And aside from the box score, what happened must be explained.

Patricio León, of Hermosillo, asks…: “What will happen when there is no more room to fit in the Hall of Fame of Cooperstown? Is it logical that one day the space will end? ”

Amigo Pat …: Since 1939, when that house was opened, every year modifications are made to accommodate new guests. They have enough space to survive decades expanding.

Marylín Dónelly, of Honolulu, Haway, asks …: “Major League Baseball refuses to accept a female ballplayer, but would they allow a female tranceformed into a man to play?”

Friend Mary … The case has not happened … She will be amazed and we’ll see!

Marco A. Bandrés F. de Acarigua, asks …: “What has been the best salary of a Venezuelan pitcher. How much Alejandro (El Patón) Carrasquel was paid in 1939. How much less has a Venezuelan pitcher won. How did El Patón get to the majors?

Amigo Mac …: Freddy García is the pitcher from Venezuela who has received the highest fees, 10 million dollars from the Phillies, in 2007. El Patón earned five thousand dollars in 1939, his first year in the major leagues with the Senators. The minimum charged by a Venezuelan pitcher. And he came to the Senators, signed by scout Joe Cambria, who saw him pitch in Cuba.

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