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 Home Run Record Hit This Last Season & Other Tidbits

“Students on the road. Be very careful, especially if they are driving “… PACOMIO.-

Merry Christmas! … I say, right ?.


Coral Gables, Florida (VIP-WIRE) .- The glove and the ball.- The Golden Glove is in favor of those who use the “Rawlings” brand, a small detail before the baseball business. All those used by Major League Baseball (MLB) are purchased from the “Rawlings”. Extensive relationships!

“Rawlings” balls. – This year six thousand 776 homers were hit in the majors, which is a new record, because the previous one was the one of 2017, six thousand 105. In the last 20 years, 20 times there have been accusations that MLB sends to alter the balls so that they are easier to fly over the fences. But nobody has proved that. The president of the “Rawlings” Michael Zlaket, said …: “We have not been asked to alter the balls, we have never done something like that.” The good thing about this is that “Rawlings” produces jobs in Costa Rica, since there the balls are sewn by hand, since nobody has been able to invent the machine for that…

They no longer want him. The Red Sox try to get out of pitcher David Price contract, so they talked with Angels, Padres, White Sox, Cardinals and Reds yesterday. The left-hander, with a contract for $96 million dollars for the next four seasons, had a record of 7-5, with 4.28 in this past season, while complaining of elbow pains.

He bats .239, was paid three million.- Barinés native, José Peraza, 25, capable of playing the four positions of the infield and three of the outfield, was signed by the Red Sox for the 2020 season, for three million dollars. This year, with the Reds, José batted .239.

Bye Lindor! The shortstop, Francisco Lindor, 26, a native of Caguas, Puerto Rico, was traded yesterday by the Indians to the Dodgers. In Cleveland they could receive several prospects for him, such as Gavin Lux and Dustin May, two of the most notable of the minors today.

A first for the Mets.- In 57 seasons, since they were founded in 1962, the Mets never hired a Spanish-speaking manager. But now they have signed for 2020 the Puerto Rican, Carlos Beltrán. Here is the history …:

1962-‘65, Casey Stengel; 1965 -67, Wes Westrum; 1967, Salty Parker; 1968 -71, Gil Hadges; 1972 -75, Yogi Berra; 1975, Roy McMillan; 1976 -77, Joe Frazier; 1977-’81, Joe Torre; 1982 -83, George Bamberguer; 1983, Frank Howard; 1984 -90, Dave Johnson; 1990 -91, Bud Harrelson; 1991, Mike Cubbage; 1992 -93, Jeff Torborg; 1993 -96, Dallas Green; 1996 -02, Bobby Valetine; 2003 -04, Art Howe; 2005 -08, Willie Randolph; 2008-’10, Jerry Manuel; 2011 -17, Terry Collins; 2018-19, Mickey Callaway; 2019, Carlos Beltrán.

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