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Puerto Rican Baseball Players Also Called For Rosello To Resign

Photo courtesy of FOX

Last week was a historic day in the internal affairs and politics of Puerto Rico when over a million people converged on the streets of San Juan Puerto Rico and many other towns on the island and cities across the United States and around the world to call for the resignation of Puerto Rican governor, Ricardo Rosello.

There were over fifteen days of protest after a private chat containing hundred of pages between the governor and his closest aides was made public. The chat revealed a string of systemic corruption, abuses, homophobic, misogynistic and personal insults against the very people that they are to represent. While the corporate media and many in the social media reported on many of the very high profile entertainers like Ricky Martin, Rene (from calle 13), Nicki Jams, Bad Bunny and boxing legend, Tito Trinidad who all participated in the manifestations, few mentioned that Puerto Rican baseball players who could not be there also chimed in their support.

Baseball is usually known for its conservatism and it’s rare to hear baseball players taking on political issues. Therefore, I believe that it is important to give credit and highlight these players that did comment.

These are quotes that the following players made through their social media portals: The quotes were obtained form FOX

Dodgers, Enrique Hernández, Cardinals, Yadier Molina, Astros, Carlos Correa Red Sox manager, Alex Cora were among those also calling on governor to Rossello to resign.

“This post is for my people! This is to say that politics and sports should never be in the same conversation, but today is a day in which it is necessary,” Hernandez wrote on Instagram.

“I wish I could be in my island marching in unison with the rest of the people of Puerto Rico, just like I do it with my team in search of a championship! We have SO MUCH to offer, we’ve passed through tough times, but we always rise stronger than yesterday. TOGETHER, like always, we do what is needed when th

Cora took time from his baseball focus to also focus on his island nation. (Photo Bill Menzel,

ings become difficult; it’s when we’re at our best. THE TOWN SPEAKS!!

Molina also went on Instagram to express his solidarity with the Puerto Rican people.

“Today we all stand up united against the injustice, falsehoods, deception and corruption! We are tired! It is done. We all stand together! Puerto Rico I love you! God bless everybody!”

Correa posted a photo in his Puerto Rico World Baseball Classic uniform with his own message. “Proud to be Puerto Rican! Let’s keep fighting for our rights. Let’s keep fighting for a better future. Don’t stay at home. Let’s take action and be part of change! Unite for a better tomorrow!”

Cora tweeted: “Tired of expressing my frustration at what we’re living but crazy about letting EVERYONE know that when we join we are powerful.

Cleveland shortstop, Francisco Lindor and Dallas Mavericks guard, J.J. Barea also joined the chorus calling for Rosello to resign.


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