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Edwin Díaz Was Awarded Yesterday Afternoon In El Barrio & Awards Fans In The Evening At Citi-Field

El Barrio, NY: Yesterday afternoon NY Mets Closer, Edwin Díaz was feeling a bit like home as he came to the Puerto Rican hub, El Barrio (AKA East Harlem) to receive his 2018 LatinoMVP award for being the best Closer in the American League last season. The LatinoMVP award sponsored by MLB is considered the most prestigious and oldest award given to Latino baseball players now celebrating its 29th year.

It was most fitting that though he received the award for his performance last season when was a Seattle Mariner, he actually got it yesterday while he is now a NY Met, making it quite appropriate for hosting his award luncheon in San Juan On 5th Ave restaurant in El Barrio, NY a fitting place for a very proud Puerto Rican from the island to feel at home.

Edwin was accompanied by his wife and a close family friend and was immediately showered by much love and affection from the moment he entered the restaurant by the over seventy-five guest who came specifically to pay homage to him. Among the guest were several youth and young children who were all excited to take pictures with the Puerto Rican idol.

Edwin received a series of artistic awards highlighted by two pieces, one from John Pennisi and the other by James Fiorentino. Edwin was elated upon seeing the awards and stated that they were the best awards he had ever received.

Many of the guests not only showered him with much love and affection, but several also gave him many words of encouragement and advice to deal with his recent pitching slump.

Edwin was pumped after closing this must needed win for the Mets.

Apparently the love and the encouragement he received in his awards luncheon paid off as Edwin came out yesterday evening to close the door on the Atlanta Braves and give the Mets a much-needed 8-5 victory.


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