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Credit: George Napolitano/Latino Sports

San Juan, PR – Finally Edgar Martinez is heading to the baseball Hall Of Fame and it’s about time!

It took this, the tenth and final year of eligibility to get in because many conservative members of the Baseball Writers Association of American (BBWAA) did not vote for Edgar believing that a designated hitter was not the same as a position player. If Edgar would not have been voted in this year he would have to have waited for a possible veterans committee vote sometime in the future.

Edgar had waited 10 years to receive the call that made him, his family and many of his loyal fans in the states and in Puerto Rico happy to finally see this deserving star player get his recognition and a ticket to the HOF. Edgar received 363 of the 425 votes, 85.4%, surpassing the 75% of the votes needed. He thus becoming

Edgar, from the small barrio of Maguayo in the town of Dorado, Puerto Rico becomes the fifth Puerto Rican in the prestigious hall for baseball immortals. He will be following the steps of, Roberto Clemente, Orlando Cepeda, Roberto Alomarand  Iván Rodríguez. However, Edgar is the first Puerto Rican going to the HOF that has won a batting title in the minors, in the Puerto Rican Winter Baseball League and in the majors.

This years HOF induction ceremony of Edgar Martínez, Mariano Rivera, Doc Halladay and Mike Mussina on July 21st will be one of the most popular and significant for baseball fans.

We predict that Latino baseball fans will be attending in mass as Panamanian, Mariano Rivera was the fist player ever voted into the HOF with 100% of the vote and Puerto Rican, Edgar Martinez is the first Designated Batter to be inducted. Two solid reasons that we will see one of the largest numbers of Latinos ever to a HOF induction ceremony.

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