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How Would A Soccer Stadium For NYCFC In The South Bronx Benefit Its Residents?

How Would A Soccer Stadium For NYCFC In The South Bronx Benefit Its Residents?

Bronx, NY – Last week the NY Post reported that the second NY Major League Soccer Franchise owned by Manchester City and the YankeesNew York City FC is close to a $400M, 28,000-seat stadium deal in The Bronx just south of Yankee Stadium.

If the Post’s article becomes a reality, the South Bronx will be welcoming NYCFC and their new Head Coach, Jason Kreis, to the neighborhood in 2015 where they will possibly play their inaugural season at Yankee Stadium.

Yesterday, published an article where the opening sentence was, “A $400 million deal to build a soccer stadium in the Bronx could be a big score for the borough, but it’s likely to be a money-loser for the city.” To read the article in it entirety, click here.

How Would A Soccer Stadium For NYCFC In The South Bronx Benefit Its Residents?

Image Credit: Daniel Budasoff

So what do you think? Are the Yankees the best 20% co-owner in all of sports? Do you think a Soccer Specific Stadium in the South Bronx would be good for its residents? While it’s true that a stadium project will create new jobs during it’s construction, what new jobs will be created afterwards?

Should their NYCFC stadium reside in the same area as Yankee Stadium, how will it affect the local businesses there? How will two sports stadiums affect the cost of living in that specific part of the South Bronx? How will soccer-themed nonprofits like South Bronx United benefit with NYCFC in it’s neighborhood?

To be honest, I don’t know. For anyone who wants to learn more about New York City FC and the New York Yankees involvement, I have some articles for you to read. While it may or may not answer all your questions, I’m just waiting to see how this unfolds.

With that said, here’s the list. Feel free to read:

How Would A Soccer Stadium For NYCFC In The South Bronx Benefit Its Residents?

May 21, 2013… I called it.


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  • JerichoWhiskey

    On the topic of jobs, they are going to relocate an elevator manufacturer with 350+ jobs out of there and for all we know they may as well be gone for good.

    They are also asking for plenty of tax waivers, free rent for 38 years, and tax free bonds which directly runs oppose to Garber’s “fully privately funded” statement. While it may help to save face for the parking boondoggle, I really do not see any reason why the city should offer anything more than an approval to build there. NYC FC needs to build in NYC as quick as they can. Their hands are tied and the city should act like it is.

    This goes the same for those developers who want to get rid of the scrap yard/car repair shops in Willet’s Point. It is Bloomberg giving Christmas presents before his end of term in the city and hopefully de Blasio puts cold water on this proposed stadium deal.

  • Julio

    At first the idea of a soccer stadium in the South Bronx might sound good, the issue is as you raise in your piece, how will this affect the community? As a member of the immediate community that live 2 blocks from the proposed stadium I could tell you that my neighbors are concerned with the traffic (already a major concern because of the Yankee stadium and the new mall) and the parking for residents that is a nightmare during Yankee games. I too urge all those who are interested and want to learn more about this to research and be ready to voice your opinion.

  • Sam

    These new stadiums promise many things to the communities but in reality deliver very little. One of the main reasons why they go into poorer or underdeveloped neighborhoods is because they are promised millions by local politicians. In reality studies have continued to prove that stadiums add little to no benefit to the surrounding communities. The jobs that are promised are by and large part time positions, construction jobs end once the stadium is completed, and stadium workers are seasonal employees. Another aspect of the stadium process that is not seriously considered is it’s affect on the surrounding community. The added traffic congestion will gridlock that area for several months a year. I was always told, if it sounds to good to be true it probably is.

  • Cesar

    Excellent comments everyone.

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