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  • AHRV_BlackRose1a

    Community News

    Talking ‘Black Rose’ with Abdul Rashid

    New York, NY – Hey Sports fans! A few weeks ago, I covered the 2014 New York Comic Con. As a result, I will be interviewing several...

  • HenryAndMe

    Baseball books

    Celebrate Puerto Rican Heritage Month With Henry & Me

    Bronx, NY – As we approach the month of November 2014 we look forward to celebrating Puerto Rican Heritage month. We are proud and grateful to...

  • pelotero-cubano

    Caribbean Baseball

    Cuban Baseball Beyond Cuba

    The magic of Cuban baseball keeps gaining ground in the world´s major leagues as Cuba has allowed its players to take part in top foreign...

  • Meet the Mets, M-E-T-S Mets, of New York town.


    Sports Beat: Long Task Ahead For NY Teams?

    Queens, NY – Keeping up a tradition that dates back to when they hired Casey Stengel to be their first manager roughly 53 years ago, the...

  • 2007 Rio Pan American Games-team cuba

    More Deportes

    Cuban Sports Beyond Cuba will once again begin to report more on Cuban sports and expand our coverage as of 2015. Cuba, the greater of the Antilles has...