Wednesday , 23 July 2014
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Problems That Affect Your Mental Golf Game

Image Credit: Bill Menzel

By Brenda Panin [Featured Image: Bill Menzel] Golf guru Jim Flick once famously said that “golf is 90% mental, and the other 10% is mental”. And it seems this still rings true – many golfers regardless of their skill level fail to work on their confidence and other mental aspects of the game. If golf is a game played by the ... Read More »

PGA Golf In Puerto Rico – Paradise Is Waiting


When most of us think of tourism travel to Puerto Rico we think of white sand beaches, piña coladas and the best meat on a stick (pinchos) the Caribbean has to offer. When we think of sports tourism on the island we think of baseball, boxing and surfing. Recently though there has been a wave of tourists and sports aficionados ... Read More »

The Barclays at Liberty National Golf Club Photos


In our effort to showcase the talent of the Photographers who contribute to, we’re making a strong commitment to produce photo journals in their honor. Photographer Bill Menzel took photos of yesterday’s Barclays at the Liberty National Golf Club. You can view more of Bill’s diverse photography coverage over at  Read More »

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