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Who Won The Caribbean Series: MEXICO!

Mexico, Caribbean Champions 2013/14

It was just like in boxing where these two countries have a strong rivalry. Puerto Rico and Mexico facing off for the undisputed champions of the 2013/14 Caribbean Baseball Series. Both countries held each other at bay on solid pitching and defense for five innings, but then with the switch of Puerto Rico’s starter, Joel Piñeiro the roof caved in ... Read More »

Update on Caribbean Baseball Series


While the majority of the USA is being blanketed in winter storms the Caribbean is quite tranquil as the countries of Venezuela, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Cuba are playing America’s pastime: BASEBALL. These countries have each sent the championship team from each countries Winter Baseball Season to Margarita Island, Venezuela to capture the title of the best baseball ... Read More »

Why Are The Cubans Losing In The Caribbean Series?

Image Courtesy Radio Rebelde)

Report from The Caribbean Series Cuba’s return to the Caribbean Series was being considered one of the highlights of this 2014 popular baseball competition. The last time Cuba had represented themselves in these classic games was in 1960, one year after the Cuban revolution. Cuba has always played great baseball and the number of Cuban baseball stars is too long ... Read More »

A Game That Means More Than A Game Puerto Rico 7 Dominican Republic 6

Ray Navarro scores the winning run for PR in the 10th inning.

Report From The Caribbean Baseball Series Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic have a baseball rivalry like the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox. With so many Dominicans living in Puerto Rico and the Dominican community growing rapidly in places like New York where Puerto Ricans were once the overwhelming majority, the rivalry has taken on more meaning. ... Read More »

Naranjeros De Hermosillo Mexican Baseball Champions


Now the list is complete, the last Caribbean country to decide its champion baseball team is now official. The Naranjeros de Hermosillo won the seventh and decisive game yesterday beating Navoja by a score of 8 – 3. Hermosillo will now represent Mexico in the Caribbean World Series starting this weekend in Margarita Island, Venezuela. Read More »

Cuba Returns To The Caribbean Series


After years of being absent from the Caribbean Series, Cuba will return this 2014 represented by its Baseball Champions, Villa Clara. The team will be reinforced by six additional players from other teams in the Cuban league one of them being, Yuleiski Gourriel considered the best player in Cuba. As usual, the Cubans will generate a lot of publicity as ... Read More »

D.R.’s Tigeres De Licey & Venezuelas Magallanes Crowned Baseball Champions


Two additional Caribbean countries are ready to send their championship teams to Margarita Island, Venezuela for the 2014 Caribbean World Series. Licey 3, Escogido 2 The very competitive Dominican Baseball League finished its winter baseball season with Los Tigeres de Licey winning this years championship beating Escogido by a score of 3 – 2 on Tuesday. Licey will now represent ... Read More »

Indíos De Mayagüez Champions of Puerto Rico Baseball


Mayagüez was in pure festive mood yesterday after the The Indíos de Mayagüez defeated the Criollos de Caguas 5-1 yesterday at home to once again be crowned the Champions of the Puerto Rican Winter Baseball League. The Indíos who were managed by Carlos Baerga (LatinoMVP winner 1992) and had won the round robin playoffs 4-2 and thus win the title. ... Read More »

Puerto Rico Baseball Moves into the Post Season


While professional baseball is taking a winter break in the states, here in Puerto Rico baseball is now entering into its post season. The four teams that made it to the post season are in this order: First place, Criollos De Caguas with a record of 21-19 (Reining Champs). They are managed by Pedro López; Second place, Leones de Ponce ... Read More »

Cuban Baseball – Things You Did Not Know.


This is the second article on Caribbean baseball. The first one I mentioned the major countries that we hear a lot about namely: Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Venezuela and Mexico. In this piece I want to expose our readers to a little of the main Caribbean baseball country, Cuba. Another Caribbean country that plays baseball like very few others is ... Read More »

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