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Major League Soccer and NeuLion's MatchDay Live

Major League Soccer and NeuLion's MatchDay Live

Major League Soccer and NeuLion's MatchDay Live

Major League Soccer has chosen Internet Television provider NeuLion as their digital video partner. Recognized as MatchDay Live, fans will now have the opportunity to watch live MLS matches through this innovative broadband service.

Whether you're a fan or a sports writer this is a must have! MatchDay Live is now available through the MLS homepage,

For the third week of the MLS season, I had the opportunity to view six games this past Saturday. With DVR-like features and High Definition quality video, the games were clear to watch.

In addition to watching the game, I appreciated the Field Tracker because it was easy to follow the flow of the game. Even if you started watching late, the Field Tracker will provide you everything that has occurred at that time. Plus, I was able to view the both teams stats.

Another great feature about MatchDay Live is the Chat Room option that every subscriber has. If you're one who likes to have a conversation while watching the game, then this feature is for you.

I found the Chat Room option to be very fun because conversations ranged from American Soccer History, MLS teams, Players, flow of the game, and simple trash talk.

One of the coolest features about MatchDay Live is the 3 game features. I enjoyed the fact that I was able to watch three games simultaneously. While watching my preferred game on the largest screen I was able to see the other two on smaller screens. I also had the option to switch screens with the other games I was watching.

If you're a fan who only wants to root for their chosen team and isn't interested in following the other teams, then you'll enjoying knowing that you can watch your game with the Field Tracker and the Chat Room all in your monitor.

Along with watching your team, you'll still be able to follow the other games playing because MatchDay Live has a scoreboard with up to date option. If your rival team scored and you wanted to know how, then you can automatically go to the game. Thanks to it's DVR features, you're able to go back to see what you've missed or simply see a fantastic goal that your team may have just scored.

The best thing about MatchDay Live that I love is the archives of the MLS Matches. If you're unable to watch a Match because of family plans, work, etc… then you don't just wait for the Scoreboard. All you have to do is log on and click to your game and you'll be able to see it from the beginning.

If you only want to see the highlights, then you have the option by moving your arrow to the game and a scroll will appear where you can see all the attempted goal attempts as well as the scoring goal.

All in all, MatchDay Live is a must have because all you need is a computer to view the games from anywhere with internet access. Plus, it's an interactive way of learning more about the game and MLS.

About NeuLion: Based in Plainview, NY, Sanford, Florida and Toronto, Ontario, NeuLion (TSX: NLN) works with content partners to develop end-to-end solutions for multimedia IPTV services. The NeuLion IPTV Platform encodes, delivers, stores and manages an unlimited range of multimedia content and the Operational Support System (OSS) maintains all billing and customer support services.

Content partners are responsible for content aggregation and the sales and marketing for the individual IPTV service. The Company ranks as a world leader in customer/partner relationships with sports, international and specialty television content partners including, in sports, the NHL, the NFL, NCAA Division I schools and conferences and, in respect to international and specialty television aggregators and networks, KyLinTV (Chinese), ABS-CBN (Filipino), Talfazat (Arabic), TV-Desi (South Asian) and Sky Angel (Christian). Customer/partner content can be viewed by way of the Internet on PCs and mobile devices and on the television through the Company's IPTV set top box.

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