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Interview With The Other Half, Mrs. Jessica Beltran

Interview With The Other Half, Mrs. Jessica Beltran

Bronx, NY - The Yankees held a press conference on Friday to introduced Carlos Beltran and his family to the New York press.

Carlos expressed his appreciation returning to New York, this time with the New Yankees. He also expressed his pride in being Puerto Rican and playing in the Bronx with a large Puerto Rican and Latino population. Carlos also mentioned how he is about giving back and looks forward to doing a lot in the community.

We have interviewed Carlos on many occasions from his rookie season with the Kansas City Royals when he won the LatinoMVP rookie of the year award in 1999 to his recent world season performance with the St Louis Cardinals. We have always known Carlos to have strong family values, thus his wife, Jessica was sitting next to him on the dais and his two young daughters were also in the audience.

Therefore, we also wanted to hear from his wife, Jessica. The following is our short interview with Mrs. Jessica Beltran.

Interview With The Other Half, Mrs. Jessica Beltran

Jessica Beltran receiving flowers from Yankee manager, Joe Girardi. (Photo Bill Menzel/

LS: Jessica, welcome back to New York. How does it feel to come back to the Big Apple?

Jessica: I’m very happy to be back in New York, our family is very excited. As you know we were here for almost seven years with the NY Mets we have a lot of family and friends here, so we are excited to be back here this time as a New York Yankee.

LS: You have been in New York, you know New York City, where do you plan to live? Where would you like to live?

Jessica: We are looking at different choices. We have looked at some places in the city, in New Jersey we have not made a decision yet, but we will real soon.

LS: You want a place that is close to the stadium, so in case of an emergency running late you can get here real soon, right?

Jessica: (Laughing) Yes, with the traffic and everything we are looking for places that are the close to the stadium.

LS: What do you know about the Bronx, what have you heard about the Bronx?

Jessica: Actually, I have been to the Bronx. I have heard good things about the Bronx. I know that there are a lot of Puerto Ricans, a lot of Latinos here, a large Latin community so we look forward to doing many things here.

LS: Yes, the Bronx has the largest Puerto Rican and Latino community in New York City. We know Carlos likes to do things in the community so feel free to ask us for any advise as we are from this community. We look forward to helping you understand our community as much as possible. Again, congratulations and welcome to the Bronx. We look forward to seeing you again in some future events in the community.

Jessica: Absolutely and thank you for having me.

About Julio Pabón

Julio is President and Founder of Latino Sports Ventures Inc., the parent company of Julio is a product of the South Bronx where he still lives and runs his businesses. Julio has written and has been interviewed for numerous publication and networks on sports & political issues. He has been an activist promoting social justice and respect for all communities. He is a recognized motivational speaker was an adjunct professor of American History and presently teaches a volunteer course in a local South Bronx High School on Careers in Sports. His primary goal is to make a multi-facet sports portal that will engender social and economic empowerment to the Latino community. However, if asked he states that his greatest achievement is his children and grand children.
  • Wilito

    Excellent ideas to interview the other half. Most often they are not really paid attention to by the media.

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