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21 Days of Clemente: Todo Para La Comunidad

21 Days of Clemente: Todo Para La Comunidad

21 Days of Clemente: Todo Para La Comunidad

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Bronx, NY - The second forum of Latino Sports annual 21 Days of Clemente successfully took place on Monday night at the Applebee’s Restaurant located at the Gateway Terminal Market Mall here in the South Bronx.

Along with the discussions, one personal highlights was seeing Adrian because he has attended eleven 21 Days of Clemente.

Monday night’s guest speaker was William Soto, Jr who eloquently educated the audience about his father, William Soto, Sr. Like many Latinos worldwide, William Soto, Sr is a hero in community.

While you may not find anything about him in the History Books, the memory of individuals like William Soto, Sr will always live in our hearts, memories and actions.

In the case of the elder William Soto, he was the individual who started the entire Retire 21 movement of retiring Roberto Clemente’s number. The push for retiring Clemente’s number wasn’t because of baseball, it was because of respect. It was because of a man who was a tremendous ballplayer died as a legendary Humanitarian.

Personally speaking, whenever I’m asked why I believe Roberto Clemente’s number 21 should be retired by Major League Baseball, I simply asked them to tell me of another athlete from any sport who has as many schools and parks named after him. In my opinion sometimes the best answer is a question because by forcing one to think of an answer helps prolong the discussion as well as etch it in their heads.

Along with the discussion, Julio Pabon humorously recounted his meeting with William Soto, Sr. Basically, he made it clear that the movement to retire Roberto Clemente’s number was passed on to him and in honoring the gesture, he immediately got to work. Pabon was honest about the success and challenges and 2014 plans behind Retire 21.

Wrapping it up, Monday night was an evening where we talked about Roberto Clemente, the Court System, NY Sports Teams, and the potential Soccer Stadium in the Bronx that is seriously being considered. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, I suggest you read the article, “How Would A Soccer Stadium For NYCFC In The South Bronx Benefit Its Residents?

If there’s one thing that I learned about William Soto, Sr is that he understood the importance of serving your community by raising awareness to its residents. In layman terms, he was Todo Para La Comunidad. With that said, I hope you join us again next Monday, December 23 at Applebee’s at 7 PM for our final forum.

The 21 Days of Clemente is sponsored in part by:

Applebee’s, Bronx Lebanon Hospital, Roberto Clemente State Park, NY Yankees, NY Mets, Retire 21, Bronx Documentary Center, Bronx Borough Presidents Office. L B Graph-X Printing

21 Days of Clemente: Todo Para La Comunidad

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  • Julio

    I’m still smiling from the awesome encounter yesterday at Applebee’s. It was like a thanksgiving dinner with friends all sitting around a table with food drinks and family together talking and sharing stories about Clemente and the serious issues affecting our community. I’m sure Clemente was smiling from above. See you all next week.

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