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Major League Batting Leading Pitcher – Pitcher líder de bateo en las Grandes Ligas

“They called that cannibal ‘El Inutil’, because he was a vegetarian”… Dick Secades.- -O-O-O-O-...

The Letters from Beyond – Preston Gómez’s for “Torey” Lovullo – Las Cartas desde El Más Allá – La de Preston Gómez para “Torey” Lovullo

“Nudists never fight, because they spend it airing their differences” … La Pimpi.- -o-o-o-...

Tommy John for not using substances – A la Tommy John por no usar sustancias

Don’t feel guilty for sinning. If we did not sin, all the churches would...

Lindor hits two home runs and drives in every run in the Mets’ win over the Nationals

It was the seventh and eighth home runs of the season for the Puerto...

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